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Convenient and Secure
Convenient and Secure
Your Polydirections Personal Account makes it simple for you to manage your day to day finanсial needs without compromising your Financial Security
Round-o'clock access
Round-o'clock access
You’re always in full control, we’ll set you up with immediate access to your account through online and mobile banking regardless of your location, 24/7
Ultimate financial tool
Ultimate financial tool
Polydirection individual account is a multi-functional financial instrument for individuals that turn to manage your payments into pleasure and works as easy and quick as possible
How does a Polydirection Personal Account work?
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Make International Payments
Make SEPA payments or payments via the SWIFT Network
Withdraw or Pay
Make ATM withdrawals or purchases anywhere a Visa Card is accepted
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Easy to understand, beneficial for personal finance
Polydirection service works 24 hours a day and has a simple and convenient interface, a large set of helping materials and high-skilled customer service. All you need to get started is to open a Polydirection Individual account with just a few clicks and pass the verification of your identity to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) requirements
Easy to understand,  beneficial for personal finance
A close look at the protection of each account in the system
Polydirection account security designed in such way that all outgoing payments require additional one-time code authorization. The system is running on a secure encrypted https connection that makes using Polydirection service safe and comfortable. If you are just getting started with Polydirection service, just open an Individual account and start enjoying one of the widest range of financial services among international payment systems offered by Polydirection right away!
A close look at the protection of each account in the system
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No matter where you are, Polydirection brings you an intuitive design that makes banking easy. We've fine-tuned our online banking and apps to give you everything you need in a streamlined, clutter-free experience.