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Make instant worldwide payments
Sending and receiving payments between countries is quite a challenge. International wires are expensive while opening a foreign bank account can take weeks and not always possible. Polydirection offers an alternative.
SEPA Transfers
The fastest solution for sending and receiving funds within EU/EEA countries. The fastest solution for cross-border Euro bank transfers to all SEPA countries.
SWIFT Payments
International payments outside the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) can be simply made with a classical international SWIFT payment. Available for sending and receiving funds.
Every IBAN account opened with Polydirection is multi-currency, allowing you to hold any currency. Funds are held in your account in the currency in which they were paid.
Card Payments
Visa and Mastercard online card payments are available for EU/EEA businesses. The entire payment journey is managed from start to finish in one place.
Opening an account with Polydirection takes just a couple of days. Once set up, you can instantly send money to any country in the world. Your Polydirection account is virtually global so you need one account in order to collect, hold and send payments in multiple currencies and channels.
Current Account for Business
Current Account for Business
Full banking services for international and local businesses, as well as a separate account for business owners. Direct payments in GBP and EUR, an individual IBAN account and the best currency exchange rates. Online, without unnecessary bureaucracy.
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Current Account for Private Individuals
Your Polydirection Personal Account makes it simple for you to manage your day to day finanсial needs without compromising your Financial Security. You’re always in full control, we’ll set you up with immediate access to your account through online and mobile banking.
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Current Account for Private Individuals
Prepaid Mastercard
Prepaid Mastercard
Contactless payment card linked with the company's account. Hand it over to your employees to cover their travel and other company's expenses.
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Accept Online Payments
Every business that chooses to accept card payments will require a merchant account. At Polydirection, we can set up your merchant account and provide you with the payment products required to start taking card payments
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Accept Online Payments
Mobile app for easy access to your funds
No matter where you are, Polydirections brings you an intuitive design that makes banking easy. We've fine-tuned our online banking and apps to give you everything you need in a streamlined, clutter-free experience.
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